About Us

Who We Are

Zanzibar Volunteers for Environmental Conservation(ZAVECO) is a voluntary association of non-governmental organizations in Zanzibar. We are composed of local community members who seek to improve the surrounding environment and lives of the inhabitants of Zanzibar. In order to help us on our journey, we offer opportunities for foreign volunteers to journey to the island and work with us for a period of time. Through cooperation and multi idea approaches to the environmental issues facing the island, we hope to make the environment of Zanzibar a better place.

What we do
Action Focused Practical Solutions

With ZAVECO, volunteers divide their time between the hands on physical approach to conservation and the theoretical aspects of the job. For example, your morning may consist of replanting mangroves with the local community while your evenings will be focused on conducting research and developing methods for improving conservation and the community. 

At ZAVECO you have a unique opportunity to showcase your own unique skills and expertise. Whereas some volunteer organizations reserve you for menial labor, here you will be asked to provide advice and opinions from the very beginning. Knowledge in graphic design could help design better posters or websites, familiarity with teaching can help lead to an education program within the community. At ZAVECO you will have the opportunty to use your abilities in the effort to solve the greatest problems facing Zanzibar’s environmnet. 

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