Protection and Maintenance of Small Islands (Kwale, Fumba)


Volunteers will spend the duration of one month to three months preserving and maintaining the nature of various small islands around Fumba beach. Specifically, the project will focus on preserving and planting more natural vegetation (mangroves, fruit trees) and new coral reefs to reverse the increasing damage caused by local fishermen.
Maintenance of the islands will also involve beach and island cleaning and the building of new toilets.

Project Aims:

  • Returning and maintaining the natural vegetation (mangroves, fruit trees) in small islands near Zanzibar, including planting new coral reefs
  • Beach cleaning and the whole island areas
  • constructing new toilets in small islands found in Zanzibar (tourist areas)
  • Education of locals on importance of environmental protection


  • Knowledge of the environment
  • Able to swim


3 August – 9 September