Kindergarten Environmental Education

This project aims to provide the space and opportunity for child growth and development, while also engaging children in the exploration and discovery of the real world through theory and practice. Volunteers will facilitate lessons that incorporate a theoretical educational element alongside sessions that include day outs to put theory into practice. This will entail building positive attitudes towards conservation and the environment in children aged 4 to 10 years of age.

Project Aims to teach:

 Basic planting skills (e.g. mangroves) in relation to marine life

 learning the names of native species

 Conservation of natural resources (like mangrove planting)

 Minimizing plastic pollution

 learning the basis of recycling


 At least 1 years’ experience with children

 Teaching Experience/ Willingness to learn

 Knowledge of environmental issues


The activities involve the following schools, Kibele nursery schools _Kibele, Ungujaukuu nursery school in Ungujaukuu, Nyamanzi nursery school and Uzi nursery school in Uzi Island

Note: Number of students in one class is around 40 to 60


Option 1:  3 August – 9 September

Option 2: 5 November – 7 December