COVID-19- Honoring the Victims

COVID-19- Honoring the Victims

COVID 19 is a global pandemic that has so far cost millions of lives and livelihoods, we are not certain as to when this pandemic will be over. We are planting mangrove trees to remember and honor the victims of this pandemic

We remember and honor those we have lost due to COVID 19, as of 23rd  May 2020, the WHO reported 337736 individual had die globally, while there about   5206614 confirmed cases

The location: Ungujaukuu-Uzi road (Nyeke)

Plants type: Mangrove

Duration: Not specified

Starting date:

You can send your contribution if you wish to support us through our account

Account name: Zanzibar Volunteers for Environmental Conservation (ZAVECO)

Account number: 0150481182900


Bank name: CRDB BANK PLC
Branch name: Zanzibar Brach
Sort code: 3369
Swift code: CORUTZTZ
City: Zanzibar town