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Max Lambert

Sustainability Intern - July-August 2018

I spent six weeks in Zanzibar during July and August 2018. While there I served as ZAVECO’s sustainability intern, working in mangrove replanting, helping to establish the groundworks for a sustainable finance crab farming project and cleaning up a considerable amount of plastic. I can honestly say that working with ZAVECO has been a trasnfrmative expereince. The people within this organization are qualified, intelligent, and dedicated to improving the environment and the surrounding communities of Zanzibar through hard work and compassion

Catherine Williams


I've talked to large groups of children who asked great questions like "How do I dream?" I've talked to individuals at work and discussed the emotional side of sight loss with psychology students, including feelings of isolation and a sense that life is pointless. It's hard to think I was once in that dark place; it seems so long ago.