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Seniors and Retirees Volunteers Program

If you’re retiring soon or already retired, you might be interested to share your life long experiences and test some life principles you have developed over so many years. One way you can enrich your retirement is by volunteering. Zaveco is providing program for those of age 45 and above. Under this category of SRVP you can choose one or more of the following volunteering opportunities to rich your goals.

Assisting volunteering services:

Zaveco is nonprofit organization registered in 2007 focused on environmental conservation and community livelihood. If you are an experience volunteers or worked at volunteers organization and wish to offer assistant to support ZAVECO in the planning, recognition, organization and successful delivery of the Volunteer Programme you are warmly welcome. We are delight to receive your services and assistant. Volunteers are free to offer your support by join the team and work with them physically or indirectly.

Mentoring and tutoring youth

If you are experienced researcher academician or worked in vocational training centers and wish to join such institution in mentoring youth in research, academic writing and other related work you are highly precious and valuable to us

Possible free time activities

You will join an itinerary of cultural and leisure activities with local community and other volunteers involving sports-swimming, footballs, excursion to spice farms and Zanzibar historical sites, and one specialize Zanzibar traditional food festival night, visiting house for alders