Zanzibar Volunteers for Environmental Conservation
World Ocean Day 2020
ZAVECO celebrate the world ocean day @ Uzi village. Because of the COVID 19 we started by planting mangrove trees
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COVID-19- Honoring the Victims
COVID 19 is a global pandemic that has so far cost millions of lives and livelihoods, we are not certain
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Voluntary commitment for SDGS 14
For more details about this project visit SDGS Partnership Platform
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Mangrove Plantation Activities
In collaboration with other international organization like UN Volunteers and YUNA Zanzibar, ZAVECO will conduct Mangrove Plantation Activities at Nyeke
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ZAVECO In the World Ocean Day 2019
World Ocean Day at Nyamanzi Zanzibar In the World Ocean Day 2019 A healthy world ocean is critical to our
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World Oceans Day 2019
Let us Celebrate the world oceans day together. Date 8 of June 2019, time 08:30am until 12:30pm, Location: Nyamanzi Zanzibar
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