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Mangrove Cleanup and Plastic Removal

Pollution infests the world’s shorelines, and Zanzibar’s mangrove forests are no exception. Pollution often comes in the form of throwaway consumer goods, particularly plastic objects. Plastics and other garbage is often ingested by local sea life, creating choking hazards and subsequently depleting populations. The depletion in fish populations can harm local fisherman who rely on healthy fish stocks to make their living.

In order to combat plastic infestations, ZAVECO organizes shoreline cleaning initiatives. These beach cleanups are composed of both local villagers and international volunteers. Through working together, the mangroves of Zanzibar are cleared of garbage, making room for more mangroves to grow and protecting local animal populations, also helping fisherman.

Depend on the arrangement the activity is carried out in the following locations:

  1. Nyamanzi.
  2. Kisakasaka.
  3. Kibele and
  4. Kwale (Fumba)
  • Location:Kibele
  • Time:Time
Mangrove Litter Cleanup #1