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Mangrove Re-Planting and Restoration

A large portion of ZAVECO’s contributions to environmental restoration center around the restoration of Zanzibar’s mangrove forests. These forests are suffering from years of devastation due to human influence and the surrounding environment is suffering as a result. Mangrove are integral in protecting local shorelines from erosion, dangerous flooding, hurricane damage as well as providing a home for fish populations.

In order to combat mangrove degradation, ZAVECO works tirelessly to replant mangrove trees. By actively replanting mangrove forests, ZAVECO is taking steps to restore Zanzibar’s mangals to a sustainable level. Mangrove replanting also combats the constant destruction of mangroves, taking steps to ensure that local communities are not devastated by the lack of ecosystem services.

  • Location:Kibele
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Mangrove Plantation #1
Mangrove Plantation #2
Mangrove Plantation #3