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Youth Education and Community Engagement

While new economic opportunities and environmental reconstruction are vital steps in preserving the health of Zanzibar, the true change will come from education. The new generation of Zanzibaris will be the ones who have to face the dangers of climate change, and they need to be prepared to deal with these dangers.

In order to help educate the population of Zanzibar about environmental issues, ZAVECO is involved in community meetings with those indidviduals on the front lines of mangrove destruction. In addition, ZAVECO lobbies with community leaders to stress the importance of environmental protection and the dangers of mangrove cutting. In the future, ZAVECO is very invested in expanding its education program to include school curriculum with a focus on the environment and environmental services

Our special Kindergarten Environmental Education aimed at building positive attitude and impact toward environmental sustainability and stewardship for future youth, parents and leaders

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Youth Education #1
Youth Education #2